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The Paradise

The story of the lives and loves of the people that work, shop and trade in and around the first department store in the North of England. The owner, widower John Moray, once a drapers boy in Emersons, the small shop that grew under his managership into The Paradise that dominates the high street to the detriment of the small shopkeepers. Into this world comes Denise Lovett from small town Peebles whose uncle Edmund is one of the traders struggling to survive. Taking a job at The Paradise, Lovett is seen by Moray as a rising star to the annoyance of head of ladies fashion Miss Audrey and shopgirl Clara. Moray is financially dependent on Lord Glendenning whose daughter Katherine is determined to marry Moray and sees Lovett as a threat to her ambitions.

Producer: Simon Lewis

Director: Marc Jobst, David Drury, Sue Tully

SERIES 1 : 8×60 min
SERIES 2 : 8×60 min